Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading


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Have you tried threading as a form of hair removal yet? It is possibily the best form of hair removal you can use on your face because there are no chemicals or creams coming into contact with your skin. It should last around a month and is a better alternative to waxing, especially for the facial area.

We at Beauty Salons Redruth are one of the few salons in the area to offer this service and have been using threading as a form of hair removal for over 20 years.

Eyebrow Threading Redruth

As some further information we have written a guide to shaping your eyebrows here.

The first thing you may want to look at prior to pruning your eyebrows is to make certain that your eyebrow shade matches that of your hair, or a lighter shade. And vice-versa if you are initially dark haired however have actually colored your hair blonde your eyebrows will completely miss-match. The very best thing to do if you fall into this course is to modify your eyebrow shade as needed, either by toning it down or bringing the shade approximately a lighter tone.

It is a well documented reality that one’s eyebrows ought to be in total relation to the face, as a well formed, well styled and well kept set of eyebrows will enhance and boost the total appearance of your eyes and face. Any make-up applied to the eye area will accentuate and draw attention to them permitting the natural charisma of your eyes to stand out.

The very best method to tweeze your eyebrows into the shape that you desire is by taking time and plucking the underneath of the eyebrow first as this will effectively get rid of the out of location hairs in this region. Many individuals have a tendency to pluck from the leading first and versus the natural development of the hair, although this will thoroughly beat the function of a chic eyebrow due to the fact that if you begin from the top you will lose that normal curve shape that takes place and risk destroying the eyebrow.

As all you ladies know eyebrow plucking can be excruciating! If you do feel the process to be too unpleasant then attempt making use of a cooling lubricant or cream to take the sting off the plucking.

If you have any doubt going to see a professional can be affordable and can conserve you the bother of doing it yourself if they have gotten to a stage where you do not understand where to start. Eyebrow professionals will use an option of techniques to remove the hair around your eyebrow such as threading.

When you have actually checked out a professional, or as soon as you have actually managed to proficiently create a design for yourself, keep your eyebrows in shape by clearing the hairs that grow back in arbitrary locations, this will then provide you that helping hand on preserving an ideal set of eyebrows.